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What Happened?

What Happened?

Some of my favorite websites of the late 90s and early 2000s disappeared into the ether without a word from the author as to why or what happened. It’s been over five years since I made a post here, and the same has basically happened to this website.

So, what happened? That’s easy. Life! I’m still writing. There’s so much I’ve written over the past five years, but have not posted here. In the past five years since my last post, I’ve moved continents, switched jobs, welcomed new family members, lost some dear friends and family members, live with a chronic rare disease, and have focused on living instead of writing things here that few people will see or care about.

I just lost my ambition to blog in a world that’s a lot different than when I first started blogging when I moved to Japan in the early 2000s. Maybe I’m old, but I just can’t get into the new forms of what’s popular today. YouTube and Twitter are old news, now it’s TikTok and other short form videos. “Influencer” is actually a job title, which I find infinitely ridiculous and a sad commentary on our society. What can I say here that hasn’t already been said better by someone else?

I grew tired of trying to push myself to do something that I just didn’t have the energy for. If it was all I did, fine. But it’s not, and never will be. I have family, professional, and other personal obligations and goals that mean writing here never became a priority. It’s as simple as that, just like countless other blogs that have been lost.

So, now that we know what happened, what happens next for this website? Unless something drastically changes, I don’t see myself posting here again. That said, a few posts I’ve made I think are interesting and have earned some comments, so I plan to leave the website up in case anything I’ve written in the past is of small use to someone in the future.

I’ve owned this domain for years and will continue to do so. I’m planning to move this to a cheaper hosting service and transform it into a static site without any commenting functions. I don’t really feel like paying $10 per month for hosting anymore for a blog that I no longer use.

So that’s it. That’s the end. Not of me (yet), but of this blog. I just felt an explanation was in order instead of leaving it to die without anyone knowing what happened and why.

For those of you that might know me, I actually am still writing on a different website now about a topic I care more about and that’s more personal. I’m not going to link to it, but maybe you can find it.

I’ve always loved the word acronychal. Despite what you may think, it’s a word and means something that occurs at sunset. I’ve felt like that a lot through my life, and this word will always stick with me.

See you at sunset.

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